Terms and conditions

  • Cancellation policy: on confirmed bookings; within three working days, full fee. Withing five working days, half fee.
  • Overtime rates: time-and-a-half apply after 8 hrs in studio up to 10 hrs and 10 hrs on location up to 12 hrs. On saturdays, sundays and holidays day rate is based on an 8 hr day. Double time after 10 hrs in studio and 12 hrs on location.
  • Lingerie and mens underwear rate: apply for bras, panties, briefs, boxers, slips, pantyhose, sleepwear, transparent or translucent articles; agency must check with model before accepting any lingerie bookings.
  • Weather permit: on confirmed bookings; all same day cancellations- half fee if services are immediately rescheduled; services not rescheduled, full fee. weather permit cancellations made earlier are subject to normal cancellation policy.
  • Weather permit options: book or release will be enforced for options when secondary job is ready to confirm.
  • Use rights: are limited to the specific rights granted and may not be extended without negotiations.